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Estoy aquí y percibo
la grandeza del día


So much humility my bark has seen,

and so much shade has been given

by this thick roofing

Centuries, long centuries

sheltering these fields of wheat

and scarcity,

of abundant nostalgia,

of cattle and villages.

Years, many years

providing shelter

to those who knew hunger,

effort, simplicity and mourning,

fathers of fathers,

the sons of this land.

From here life's crags are dominated

and the beauteous summits

of nature.

I am the guardian and the lighthouse

of the white hermits


these wildernesses of beech and

chestnut trees,

pure air and heaths.

I am the south

of the north,

the roots of Bermiego

the banner of Quirós,

identity and strength.

And in these branches still bleeds

the blood of the past,

and the pain of our folk,

their thrust and valor,

breed and nobility.

So much history is carved in this

enduring trunk

which even now pays hommage

to the deep cracks

in these townships,

and the quartered faces

of the landscape and its valleys

of labourers and grandmothers.

So much living memory

in the wide heart

of this living wood.

Traducción de © Kean David Haine

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